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Welcome to Shree Parshwanath Enterprise - Vadodara - Gujarat.

Shree Parshwanath Enterprise is the Company owned by Mrs. Rita Shah since year 1997 and now achieved great sucess in Water proofing solution industries in Gujarat. The Manager of the Company Mr. Alpesh Shah (Ph: 9376215074) is the key person who takes this company to the satisfactory level and now they have over 100's of clients across Gujarat - India.

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Nano technology We are using the latest technogies for the best result in water proofing solutions and one of the best technogies is - Nano Technology.

Our main servcies includes - Beading effect on various substrats like Bricks, Concrete, Sand, Sandstone etc. This technology is the best suited for water absorbable surfaces.

Complete waterproofing for Buildings and Structures

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Our Key Services...

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